Shriners Children's Texas

Project: Hospital Renovation/Relocation
Size: 200,000 S.F.
Location: Galveston, TX
Client: Shriners Children's

JZ was asked to renovate Levels 2-6 initially to accommodate the upcoming move of clinics from Houston to Galveston to occur in January 2021. This fast paced renovation, which started in December 2019 was phased while the building was occupied and open for patients. Much consideration and process was involved to maintain compliance for regulatory commissions and the hospital’s infection control protocols.

The interior design strategy was to design a bright, open environment that would seamlessly integrate graphics with the finish palette. Lighting, supergraphics, art feature placement and environmental signage were coordinated during the design phase to assure seamless coordination and allow for an accelerated execution and installation.

A wayfinding strategy was developed to create a branded identity unique to each floor designed to engage patients, their caregivers and the staff. Custom graphic and feature walls are designed to delight and function as positive distractions, creating destinations that encourage children to explore the hospital.

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