Wellness Bar

Project: Clinic
Completed:   September 2021
Size: 3,000 S.F.
Location: Houston, TX
Client: Legacy Community Health Services


Wellness Bar by Legacy is a new clinic concept that was created to make sure that all people — of all genders, backgrounds, and cultures — have immediate access to health and wellness services, and all within a space that is convenient, welcoming, and comfortable. Health and wellness education, counseling and access to support groups are provided including Rapid Testing Services, and Preventative Care Clinics, providing wellness exams, vaccinations, immunizations, and health screenings for things like diabetes, high blood pressure, HIV, and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Design is contemporary, welcoming and nurturing providing a safe space.

Tel: 713.357.7180
Pennzoil Place, 711 Louisiana Street, Suite 102, Houston, Texas 77002