Principal / Director of Landlord Services

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Growing up in the cold of Canada affected my decision to come to Houston for the warmer climate to complete my Masters. It’s amazing after 35 years how small such a large city like Houston can become with everybody knowing everybody.

I’ve had the honor of meeting amazing people in real estate ownership, development, management and leasing. Relationships are most important to me, and maintaining respect and trust are key to my career growth.

35 years in the architectural design field has allowed me to work on thousands of projects in hundreds of buildings in the Houston region, including SugarLand and The Woodlands. As a designer in Landlord Services I have learned to be quick and responsive, offering design at a reasonable rate. As a service I maintain building order, area calculations, help maintain construction budgets, and deliver positive tenant designs.

My expertise has grown to include commercial/corporate, medical, retail, industrial, and government with amenities such as conference centers, training rooms, fitness centers, building lounges, lobbies, building entries, restroom and elevator renovations.

Design should be rewarding to all parties involved, the result of the right space, good flow, aesthetically pleasing within budget and allotted timeframe.

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David Henderson

JZ Landlord Services

JZ Design Group has built a diversified LLS (Landlord Service) practice and portfolio offering the following services: Code assessment and evaluation, budgeting, cost estimation, programming, test fit, space planning, area calculation, field verification, and temporary office relocation. These services help property management and developers recruit tenants to lease their spaces. Quick turnaround and ability to listen has garnered a list of repeat client following.

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