Retina & Vitreous of Texas


Retina & Vitreous of Texas

Project: Clinic - Interior Renovation
Services: Interior Design
Market: Healthcare
Location: Houston, TX
Client: Retina & Vitreous of Texas (RVT)

Retina & Vitreous of Texas (RVT) offers the latest diagnostic tools and services to correctly diagnose and evaluate retinal conditions, including digital photography techniques, scanning laser technologies and ultrasound imaging. RVT has multiple locations across the city of Houston and surrounding areas.

Retina & Vitreous of Texas (RVT) is a full-floor renovation of approximately 19,500 SF located in Bellaire. The full-floor space is broken up between the clinic and offices. The clinic portion includes a large reception and waiting area, tech rooms, exam rooms, multiple waiting areas depending on the service you are being seen for, a large photography space and doctor workstations. The office portion includes offices, large and medium sized conference rooms, and an open workstations area.

A contemporary and clean design with a neutral finish palette and Texas inspired artwork supports the company’s culture and various locations. The majority of the design includes the building standard with the exception of the upgraded spaces, such as the reception and waiting.

Tel: 713.357.7180
Pennzoil Place, 711 Louisiana Street, Suite 102, Houston, Texas 77002