Q&A Series:  Industrial Architecture


What is your favorite type of project in architecture?

Industrial. Although it has a bad reputation of being boring or even ugly, architects can design these to be aesthetically pleasing with improved sustainability.

Why industrial?

To improve the built environment has always been a passion of mine, and with me obtaining the ability to do just that, it will always be a personal interest.

What is the most challenging part of designing an industrial building?

The complexity of each project is always challenging, from the coordination between the consultants and end user to providing an efficient structure that meets the client’s production, storage, and aesthetic design needs, to the coordination of structural bays and equipment locations.

Do you have a favorite industrial building already built and why?

The VW Plant in Wolfsburg, Berlin. Adapting manufacturing, while still being able to maintain the integrity of the original building, is so efficient and that’s all industrial is about. From my design and projects, Dyno Drill and Pathfinder followed in the same path allowing for efficiency in the manufacturing process while allowing for adaptability to changing manufacturing methods..

VW Plant in Wolfsburg, Berlin. Photo Credit

What challenges did you face designing, Dyno Drill and Pathfinder?

Dyno Drill required consolidating their manufacturing processes, spread out between 5 different building, into 1 facility and establish a footprint around the combines manufacturing lines that worked in concert together. That took a lot of coordination with multiple professionals and months to complete.


Dyno Drill

Pathfinder was a similar challenge with the need to combine research and development process with manufacturing and equipment maintenance on a shared campus.



What are trends for industrial buildings you are seeing in 2023?

  • Sustainability is always a focal point
  • Flexibility
  • High Capacity Vertical Storage
  • Green architecture
  • Multi-story facilities
  • Smart technology
Don’t depend on current trends to be relevant in years to come, they will always change, and you will need to adapt to those changes. Design to meet both current needs and future uses.

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