listen:   “Money with Katie”, with Katie Gatti Tassin
why we love it:   
Katie explains complex and boring topics in a way that is funny, entertaining, and motivating. This podcast talks about anything from retirement to how to get the most out of travel points.

watch:   "Transatlantic"
why we love it:   
This new historically-based Netflix drama captivates hearts with exceptional cinematography and slow-burn romances while keeping viewers on the edge of their seats as a group of unexpected heroes quietly fight against the Germans and French to save the lives of Jewish refugees from Marseille.

dine:   The Lyric Market, downtown Houston
why we love it:   
Our team loves to walk down the street and grab a bite to eat. The food hall has great choices for everyone to enjoy!

attend:   “Wicked”, The Musical
why we love it:   
Who doesn’t love a classic broadway musical? The show starts at the end of this month and will continue through July. (05/31/23 - 07/02/23)

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