Q&A Series:  Interview with Sally Al Amili


As part of our Q&A Series, we've translated an interview that Sally did on Iraqi TV in 2021 where she discusses her background and thoughts on architecture and design.

Watch the interview (external link on YouTube).

Hi Sally, please define Architecture and why you decided to become an architect.

Architecture is a combination of science and art. We can use it to create unique buildings and spaces. It’s very important in our life, and we cannot live without it. We are experiencing architecture in every single moment of our lives like our homes, offices, schools, universities, etc. So, we must use this art correctly to create a space that can serve us.

You can use architecture to connect with people by transferring your thoughts and creativity through your designs.


Sally, you know today we are experiencing an overpopulation causing traffic issues which influences people to stay at home. And, there are spacing issues that require buildings to become smaller and smaller. What is the architects roll in making these smaller buildings functional and efficient?

Correct, that’s currently a big challenge for architects. A good, professional architect can help solve this issue by studying the area and local issues while designing buildings to be usable and livable. The architect can also play with the size of openings, heights, materials and colors to make the buildings/space feel bigger.

Sally, please tell us about yourself, and your decision to become an architect.

My name is Sally Al Amili, and I was born in Iraq in 1986. I went to architectural school in 2005, starting my first two years in the University of Technology in Baghdad. I then finished the rest of my degree in Amman at the Applied Science University.

I decided on architecture because I wanted to study something where I could express my thoughts, personality and passion. It was a good choice for me as I found myself immersed in it and successful.


Sally, we all know that architecture is an art and that architects are usually familiar with a variety of artistic styles and designs. Has this effected your life and career as an architect?

Absolutely. My whole life has been affected. I can notice things which many people do not, and I see buildings differently by focusing on the details, materials and shapes.

Sally, today you are a talented architect, did your study and your travel outside of Iraq help you to be more creative?

My two years of study in Iraq gave me a lot knowledge, but when I went to Amman to finish my degree, my knowledge broadened because they are a different country with a different architectural culture and aesthetic.

Every single country I visited added something new to my knowledge especially those countries that have a special architectural style.

Additionally, architectural design books help me follow up on current architectural developments.

Who is your inspiration?

I worked for 12 years with a famous architect named Ihsan Faidhi. He’s designed many beautiful buildings in Iraq, and his style is visually dynamic. I learned so much from Ihsan, and I think my design input also influenced him.

My design style is usually very simple but with a very special, creative touch.

You have worked on many projects, which one is your favorite?

I have designed many projects in my career. Some of them were for the design firm I was working for, and the rest were freelance projects.

My favorite was an interior design for a children’s area. It was special to me because it was the first project I designed for children, so it was colorful and filled with small pieces of furniture.


Another project was a farm villa. This project was a challenge to me because it has a very complicated land topography and an isolated location.




Do you have a dream project?

Yes. My dream is to design a very special building in my home country of Iraq, because Iraq has an ancient culture with a variety of architectural elements throughout its rich history.

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